Plenkové kalhotky

Baby Disposable Diapers

The DOLLANO CARE diapers are made in a DAY option – to be used during day and in NIGHT option – to be used primarily during night. Both variations have good absorbing properties, especially thanks to the presence of the SAP absorbent, which is equally placed throughout the absorbing core.

Hygienické podložky


The DOLLANO CARE UNDERPADS are perfect as an accessory to other disposable absorbent products, or possibly as a bed protection for patients with incontinence problems. The Underpads are on offer in retaile and in wholesale packaging (up to 150 pieces)

About us

The DOLLANO GROUP is an exclusive importer and distributor of a baby diapers, adult diapers and incontinence pads assortment, for the regions of Europe and Russia. The DOLLANO GROUP has long been cooperating with a partner factory in China, where also the company’s own workers from the Czech Republic are engaged. The DOLLANO GROUP does business in the Czech Republic, where most of its facilities are. However, our business partners are from EU countries, Russia, but also from the countries of former Yugoslavia. Because the DOLLANO GROUP has bought the Little Mole - Krtecek brand sublicense, it gives us the right to trade under this brand in the EU countries, Russia, countries of the former Yugoslavia, China.